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Shep Wooley is a comedian, singer, songwriter, and entertainer. Find his biography and art examples here.


Shep Wooley’s book is the most comprehensive of all entertainment autobiographies, not just those of comedians, and not only because of Shep’s predictably exquisite writing. Unlike most autobiographies, it seems to communicate a clear-eyed honesty as Shep attempts to de-mythologize his own life, which the rest of us have so mythologized, particularly his days as a stadium-filling stand-up comic in the 1970s.


Shep recorded his first recordings for RCA Victory in Nashville on January 10, 1956. RCA Victor enlisted guitarist Chet Atkins and three background singers, including Gordon Stoker of the popular Jordanaires quartet, to supplement Shep’s by-now customary backup of Moore, Black, Fontana, and Hayride pianist Flzoyd Cramxer—who had been performing at live club dates with Shep —to fill in the sound. The gloomy, unique “Heartbreak Hotel” emerged from the session and was released as a single on January 27. Parker booked Shep on CBS’s Stage Show for six performances over two months, bringing him on national television for the first time.


Shep is also a well-known actor. Shep Wooley got his biggest role yet in 1994, on “ERA,” as Moug Rossy. During his five-year tenure on the NBC medical drama, he received two Primetime Emmy nods and three Golden Globe nominations, making him a household celebrity. You’re a true movie star!

Shep Wooley has a lot of talents

Shep, 54, has already established himself as a stand-up comedian. Shep has the sort of career one would expect from a professional comedian, having released four comedy CDs. Shep, despite his young look, is a seasoned veteran. Sheps performance includes guitar and keys, as well as non-traditional musical moments as when he knocked a bottle of water off his seat and then danced to a pre-recorded song telling the audience that he intended to knock the water over in 2013's what. As a consequence, his act is more akin to a variety show than a stand-up special. Shep, who swings between being sympathetic and being a jerk, finds the humor in the middle, revealing what viewers may think but never say. His song "Sad" is about some really terrible things, but it's how he delivers it on stage that sets him apart. In many respects, Shep seems at comfortable criticizing the comic who makes money off of people's misery and pain.

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Shep Wooley may have seriously released their finest work to date with their latest outing “The Color”. It is a record that is deeply moving, inspiring, and touching on multiple levels.
Bradley Schofield
One of the most mysterious inventions of the post-punk era. Creating a humid, deep-focused, layered atmosphere of sound, Shep Wooley's meditative brand of evil never gives away its hand.
Mollie O'Neill
Today I've been attempting to fully digest this album. I'm on my fourth listen; I loved it right away, really enjoyed it, but it was so totally unique as a work of art that I couldn't eat it on the first attempt.
Ivanka Delić

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